Residential situation and relocation dynamics of the elderly in a (sub)urban context: staying put or moving? (2017-2022)

E. Volckaert (author), Prof. Dr. P. De Decker (promotor), Prof. Dr. H. Leinfelder (co-promotor)

Older people prefer to age in place, often in unadapted dwellings, as well as unadapted environments, where even elementary amenities are absent. In which type of dwelling do older persons prefer to age? Are they anticipating on a (potential) relocation or an adaptation of the dwelling? What is the relation with the housing environment? Is (formal or informal) care available? Why are they (not) moving? What are the consequences of that decision?

The PhD-project is based on four research projects in four different contexts: the coastal area (which can be seen as a ‘natural retirement community’), rural areas, suburban areas and urban areas. We use qualitative research methods, mainly in-depth interviews with older adults, but also interviews with policy makers and stakeholders from the care sector. Additionally, we joined and observed home carers on their everyday shift, going from home to home.


Nico De Witte (HoGent, VUB)
Anja Declercq (KU Leuven)
Isabelle Pannecoucke (Vlaamse Woonraad/Flemish Housing Council)