Jolein Bergers

Jolein Bergers (°1988) is a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Leuven. In her research, she investigates the embedding of more-than-human knowledges in the development of the Brussels Ecological Network for which she intensively collaborates with citizen movements in Anderlecht and Schaarbeek. Jolein obtained her bachelor and master diploma in civil engineering-architecture at the KU Leuven (2011) and the University of Ghent (2013) before spending a research semester at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, UC Berkeley (Fall 2014). After graduation, she worked at Architecture Workroom Brussels (2013-2014), 51N4E (2015-2017) and the University of Antwerp (2017). Since 2017, she’s been an editor of Rooilijn, a Dutch magazine for science and policy making in the field of spatial planning. Jolein has been an external jurywoman in diverse design studios at different Flemish and Brussels universities, as well as during the ‘Plandag’ 2020. 


  • Multispecies Placemaking