Koenraad Danneels (UAntwerp)

Koenraad Danneels is a PhD-researcher in the field of Urbanism and Spatial Planning at the University of Antwerp, and is educated as a historian and urban planner (Gent University 2014, 2016). His research is positioned at the nexus of the history of urbanism, landscape architecture, biology and ecology. In his doctoral research he explores the complex translation of ideas from the sciences to urbanism in Belgium through various case studies spanning the twentieth century, focusing on discourses, networks and designs. He is also a teaching assistant in courses on the history of urbanism, and history and theory of landscape architecture at the KU Leuven.


  • Ecological Urbanism
  • Environmental History
  • History of the Present
  • History of Urbanism
  • Urban History
  • Urban Political Ecology