Tristan Claus

Tristan Claus holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (KULeuven, 2016) and a Master’s degree in Urban Design and Spatial Planning (KULeuven, 2018), with a master dissertation on the impact of constituency service – an informal approach of politicians to help individual citizens – on local planning policy in Flanders (mayor planning). In addition, Tristan completed a summerschool in Riga (Riga Technical University) and an erasmus in Lisbon (ULisboa). He now works as a researcher on a study on the demolition of vacant farm buildings (Boer Ruimt Veld) and a PhD research called ‘How mice give birth to mountains – the impact of constituency service on planning policy and urban sprawl’. It happens regularly that the Flemish government approves legislation that undermines its own ambitious strategic planning policy vision. Through constituency service building project needs of individual land owners seem to scale up to generic changes in the Flemish planning legislation. This project aims to expose that underlying process through in-depth interviews with decisive actors, starting from two recent disruptive changes in planning legislation, and a survey among all Flemish parliament members. A comparison with North Brabant (NL) and Hauts-de-France (FR) finally determines if constituency service and its spatial impact is unique for Flanders.


  • Interest group politics
  • Planning instruments and legislation
  • Urban and regional planning policy